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My journey started a VERY long time ago — before I even hit high school. When I was 11 years old my mother opened a women’s-only gym. And from that moment on, I loved everything to do with fitness.

But despite all of that, I’ve still had my own struggles with working out, my weight, and my health. And it hasn’t been easy.

I’ve always been active. I’ve danced competitively all of my life, as well as played sports and ran varsity cross country. I started teaching group fitness classes at my mother’s gym when I was just 16 years old. So needless to say — sweating is one of my favorite past times.

But as I left home for college to pursue a degree in Dance, my life and health quickly got out of control. I left my home and life as I knew it as a disciplined student, employee, athlete, and daughter to a place where I had TONS of free time to party, eat whatever I wanted, and so much more.

Forget the freshman 15…I ended up gaining almost 30 pounds between my freshman and sophomore year of college.

And that is while I was also dancing for over 4 hours everyday in classes!

First, I broke up with my steady high school boyfriend of 5 years and had no idea how to be single or love myself for ME.

I was in a place where I was constantly comparing myself to every other girl in my Dance program. I didn’t feel successful as a dance student in a school filled with so much talent. I didn’t feel comfortable with myself, and was internally beating myself up for not being as skinny as “she” was or not as flexible as “her”.

Then, to top it all off, my mother ended up closing the gym while I was away sophomore year. The gym I had known and loved, was gone. My first job and my second family of motivated and inspiring women was gone. I started to feel helpless.

So I started drinking and going to college parties, and I would eat anything and everything, especially if it involved being social and with people. I had no idea how to just be alone.

But all of this was to mask my unhappiness and lack of confidence.

My Personal Mission:

I help busy babes get the body of their dreams once and for all without counting calories, cutting carbs, yoyo-diets or spending hours in the gym.

The summer before my junior year, I found a mentor while working at a new gym. He was the fitness manager of the gym, and learned that I previously taught group exercise classes at my mother’s gym. He convinced me I should renew my certification and teach there.

As I went through my certification, he eventually talked me into getting a personal trainer and begin my transformation BACK to my old self.

As I trained with my trainer, not only did I lose 15 pounds, but I also decided to start studying for my own personal training certification. I figured it would be a great part-time job while I was finishing school — the pay was great and I could make my own schedule.

Little did I know that summer would change my entire life. After that summer, I went back to school to begin my junior year. That semester while studying for my personal trainer exam, I eventually decided that Dance was not “meant to be”.

I decided to finish with my associates degree after that semester, and I moved back home. I began personal training at the gym I had worked at the previous summer.

And I finally found happiness in helping others succeed in their fitness journey.

I started learning about proper nutrition, and looked for exercises and workouts that were fast and effective. After all, I still needed to lose 15 more pounds before I was at my pre-college weight and I was CRAZY busy with my new personal training schedule.

Eventually, in learning what worked for me and MY body, my specialty became training women with quick 30 minute sessions. The results from my programming have now helped thousands of women from around the world reach their goals with fast, fun, and effective workouts and a no nonsense approach to nutrition.

And now it’s YOUR TURN to see those results…and I can’t wait to start the journey with you!

I’ve created this blog and this community to help YOU reach your goals, in a limited amount of time. And I’ve created a community of women to help your succeed and become the best version of you that you can be.

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