15 Minute Pilates Arm Workout

This 15 minute follow along Pilates arm workout uses your bodyweight and a light set of dumbbells to tone long lean muscles in your upper body. You’ll strengthen your shoulders, chest, arms, and back in this video workout.

This 15 Minute Pilates Arm workout will strengthen your entire upper body with traditional Pilates exercises using bodyweight and a light set of dumbbells.

We are back to our 15 minute Pilates series with an amazing Pilates Arm workout.

As a reminder, each week I will be releasing a brand new at-home pilates routine that is only 15 minutes.

These quicky workouts are perfect to sneak in even when you are super busy. Just press play, and workout in the comfort of your own home.

The Pilates routines in this series is also great to mix and match together is you are looking for a longer workout. You can even do all four workouts for you own hour long Pilates class at home.

These 15 minute Pilates workouts will become some of your FAVORITE routines!

But why should your be doing Pilates?
Find out The Benefits of Pilates here!

This week’s routine is a 15 Minute Pilates Arm Workout, which means lots of upper body burning and shaking!

In this arm routine you’ll find traditional Pilates mat exercises with a little flare. You’ll also see some lightweight dumbbell work also based on tradition Pilates exercises from the Pilates Reformer.

You will love how long, lean, and beautiful your arms and shoulders look after this routine.

Join me for this Pilates workout at home to strengthen your upper body. I’ll guide you through this Pilates routine, providing form cues and modifications along the way.

⁠Pilates Arm Workout Outline:⁠⁠

What you can expect to see in this Pilates flow:

  • Scapula + Core Engagement Series
  • Push Ups
  • Weighted Arm Series (mimicking traditional Reformer Exercises)
  • Side Plank Series
  • Back Extension Work


  • Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat
  • 1-3 pound dumbbells

Here are the other Pilates routines in this series…

  • 15 Minute Pilates Core Workout
  • 15 Minute Pilates Leg Workout

15 Minute Upper Body Pilates Routine

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